20 Ways to Develop a Winning Mindset

Tip #1
Use the fourfold breath

This breathing technique involves breathing in for four seconds, holding for four seconds, breathing out for four seconds, and holding for another four seconds. You then repeat. This helps to calm the body and can develop intense focus and determination.

Tip #2

Get used to discomfort

We are too spoiled by our comforts. Get used to getting outside, getting dirty, getting wet. Going hungry. Training under-slept. And much more.

Tip #3
Eat a complex carb breakfast

Your motivation is hit hard when you are hungry. This will keep you fuelled all day.

Tip #4

Learn about the hierarchy of needs

The reason that the last point is important, is that your body will need to satisfy basic urges before it lets you build toward goals.

Tip #5
Use visualization

Our body treats visualization the same as things that are actually happening – resulting in the same release of hormones to guide behavior.

Tip #6
Use short term temptations

You can use your body’s weaknesses to your advantage by setting rewards for your tasks.

Tip #7

Set stakes

Likewise, you can use negative stakes for failure.

Tip #8

 Break the challenge down into small chunks

Don’t focus on overwhelming challenge, just get past the next 5 minutes.

Tip #9
Learn to write goals correctly

Likewise, goals should be short term and actionable. They should work toward a more overarching and abstract concept.


Tip #10
Learn to disassociate

Swimmers call this the swim coma. The aim is to detach mind from body.

Tip #11


Meditation teaches you to focus and stay on task. This will physically change the  structure of the brain.

Tip #12

Use chants and mantras

A chant or a mantra can be used as a way to achieve dissociation.

Tip #13

Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are encouraging phrases you can repeat like mantras in order to provide more motivation and encouragement when the going is tough.

Tip #14

Listen to motivating music

Motivating music can have a big impact on your state of mind.


Tip #15

Close open loops

These are the small nagging tasks you are putting off doing.

Tip #16

Sleep well

Good sleep makes you considerably more resilient and motivated! Tired people have less self control and will power. Make important decisions in the morning!

Tip #17

Create a motivating environment

Your office or your gym should be filled with things that make you feel more motivated towards your most important goas.

Tip #18

Remove distractions

Likewise, keep these spaces tidy and free from things that will pull your mind in other directions.

Tip #19

Don’t quit in darkness

Another piece of advice given to Navy SEALs is not to quit in darkness. That means don’t quit during the night when things seem worse – wait until morning. Recognize the role of your physiology in your mood and thoughts.

Tip #20

This too shall pass

Winston Churchill wrote “when you are going through hell… keep going.” This is fantastic advice for anyone that finds themselves on the verge of quitting. Everything is temporary.

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