The Power of the One Minute Rule

Many of us lack motivation and discipline, that is no secret. The surprising thing for many people then, is just how endemic the problem is, and how deeply it effects our lives. It can also be surprising to learn some of the contributing factors, which aren’t immediately obvious.

For example, a lack of motivation is probably what is causing you to avoid doing things that you don’t want to do – things that you find awkward, or perhaps a little scary.

Examples include:

* Turning down a friend’s invitation for a night out
* Sending an email to renegotiate your salary
* Speaking to your partner about something that is bugging you
* Booking your MOT

These things are mildly awkward, which means they trigger a stress/fear response, which means we put them off.

At the same time, you probably put off doing small things that are dull or boring.
So you:

* Don’t make the bed
* Don’t stack the dishwasher
* Don’t groom yourself as you should

Now your lack of motivation – lack of ability to do things you should do – is making you untidy, messy, unshaven, tired, and stressed!

That’s on top of the fact that you might now be struggling to achieve any meaningful progress with your goals or in your life in general.

Wow! So this needs to be fixed.

And one of the best solutions is a strategy called the “one minute rule.” This rule states that if a job is going to take you one minute or less to complete, then you must do it right away.

That means shooting off an email to someone, it means booking something, and it certainly means making the bed.

Your excuses with these tasks are not valid. Everyone has time for one minute. And by acknowledging this - by having that conversation in your head – you’ll gain the motivation necessary to get that stuff done.

But what’s more, is that this will have deeper and more profound impacts on your motivation as a whole. First: because motivation can be trained like a muscle, simply practicing doing these small things right away will help you to become more disciplined and more motivated for the BIG stuff too.
Moreover, when you remove those small nagging tasks and jobs, you will clear up your mind to focus on that more important stuff.

This makes a BIG difference to your motivation and your drive.

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